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Based on our experience, Architect in the Hoose is a fantastic opportunity. Even quite straightforward projects like ours can seem daunting and the architecture profession a little inaccessible to people, like us, who have never undertaken a project. This bridges the gap.
Magnus Gardham, Architect in the Hoose Client, 2015
The “Architect in the Hoose” initiative gave us the courage to make the first contact with an architect to get the ball rolling. I think it’s a fabulous idea!
Saskia Yates, Architect in the Hoose Client, 2015
The consultation went very well. It was great to discuss our plans with someone who has experience of these sorts of projects and was therefore immediately alive to the sorts of issues we would be likely to encounter. It was great to get a better idea of what we might be able to do and what might not work, either because it would be unlikely to get planning permission or would compromise the aesthetics of the existing house. We are very excited and energised about taking this forward but need to give some further thought to what precisely we want, in term of what is achievable and affordable. The consultation was a very helpful first step towards turning our aspirations into reality.

The “Architect in the Hoose” scheme has therefore proved very worthwhile from our point of view. It's excellent idea and we hope it continues to go from strength to strength.
Architect in the Hoose Client, 2016
The ABS has helped my young daughter too – she says she feels like we have an angel of a fairy godmother watching over us.

The scheme is very simple and all contributions go to charity – architects across Scotland are offering hour-long consultations to the public in return for a £40 donation (a bargain!) to the Architects Benevolent Society (ABS). The ABS helps people of all ages who have experienced redundancy, illness, accident or bereavement. One in six of those cared for is under the age of 35, and half of those helped by the Society are below retirement age.

Following the finishing of Shelter’s excellent ‘Architect in the House’ scheme, the RIAS ‘Architect in the Hoose’ is a wonderful – and equally benevolent – replacement. We were matched with a client wishing to get some initial ideas for the refurbishment of a traditional cottage, which has turned into a great project with an enthusiastic client. This type of mutually beneficial scheme is great for small, new practices like us.
Sam Foster, Sam Foster Architects
I just wanted to let you know that the Architect in the Hoose project that you put my way has now progressed to a commission up to Warrant stage. The survey has been carried out and I am progressing with designs. Without the RIAS scheme the clients possibly wouldn't have known about my practice therefore many thanks for providing me with this opportunity.
Emma Printie-James Architect